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Change unsettles. Change opens up possibilities. Change entails risks. Change calls for competence.


Hello and welcome!


HELG CONSULTING commands many years of professional experience in shaping change processes.


We design and support change projects in commercial enterprises, in the health care and educational system as well as in administration. We structure team development and resolve conflicts together with the participants where they arise. In one-on-one coachings we act as a sparring partner for leaders and HR-managers.


Owner and director of HELG CONSULTING is Dr. Felix Helg. He can draw on long-standing experience as a self-employed advisor and trainer. In order to be able to respond to the expectations and needs of his clients at any time, he works, where appropriate, with a network of experienced advisors who are also keen to support you.


We look forward to your challenge!



Member of: b5 consuliting advisory